Maintenance and repair of 1 pc/laptop

U brengt uw computer bij ons ter plaatse om te herstellen.

  • check hardware
  • reinstallation of os and hardware
    • drivers
    • security
    • software
    • ...

Maintenance and repair of your IT infrastructure

When necessary we come at your office for the maintenance. But as much as possible we try to use teamviewer to solve problems, like this you can save on travel costs.

  • Maintenance pc's
    • (re)installation pc
    • replacement old pc by a new one
    • replacement power supply / hard disk / memory ...
    • ...
  • Maintenance of the network
    • router installation / replacement
    • check and repair cables
    • ...
  • Every day problems
    • problems with outlook, word, ...
    • problems with the os
    • solve printer problems
    • ...


Do you have a network or several pc's that no longer work optimal? We can perform an audit for you with a report as result on how to optimalise your IT infrastructure.


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