Do you want a simple website that you can maintain yourself for an affordable price? Then we have the answer. We use Joomla to make websites, this is an open source platform that is used for creating websites. There are a lot of modules available which can be used to expand the website.

How do we proceed?

There are a lot of templates available for Joomla, so first we need to decide the correct template for you. Then we will look together to the structure of the website. Texts, images will have to be delivered by you and can then be uploaded. Finally you will get some explanation on how to maintain the site yourself by for example adding news or uploading photos.


We try to use the boundaries of Joomla as much as possible, but off course we could also customize your site to your needs.


Checkout our references, like this you can take a look at what we already did.

Social media advise

We could give you advise on how to cope with social media: facebook, twitter, linkedin and the combination with your website. We will plan a meeting with you where you will receive advise. Off course we can also provide training on social media.

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